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Inside the Hospital 

Abernant was founded in 1991 and has always been family owned clinic. 

Our hospital has an expansive surgery suite, digital radiography and laboratory that provides bloodwork, cytology, fecal and urinalysis. 


Exam Rooms

Welcome to the exam rooms, where routine exams, simple treatments, and conversation between veterinarian and owner take place.


Behind the scenes: tests and samples are analyzed in our laboratory. Performing test in-hospital allows for quick answers, and aids in the treatment and care of your beloved pet. 



Our digital x-ray system produces images instantly. Fractures, osteoarthritis and even pregnancies can be diagnosed in minutes. 

Surgery Suite

Our sterile, bright surgical suite provides a safe space for your pet.  We are here for you. With skilled, knowledgeable hands our veterinary surgeon and the vigilant monitoring of our registered veterinary technician have your pets care as the TOP priority.


About Us

You've seen the clinic now Meet the Staff

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